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Water Advisory

All, if you have been paying attention to the news, several cities in the state have either shut off water to their customers because their tanks are too low or are under mandatory boil orders because of low water pressure.  There is also a concern that there may be leaks in major water lines.  On Tuesday, a main broke in downtown Little Rock flooding several businesses and a parking garage.    

How does this effect Ward Water users?  First of all, our water system is fine, and we are having no issues other than a significant increase in water usage.  We request that you immediately take steps to ensure you do not have any leaks in or near your residence.  To check your water at your house, ensure all water is turned off – yes, we all have been leaving our water streaming or dripping so our pipes will not freeze – and the go check your meter to see if the meter is spinning.  If it is spinning, you might have a leak.  If you do have a leak, please take steps to get it fixed.    

What about water lines near me?  We know that with all the snow melting, looking for a leak on or near your property might be difficult; however, if you notice water bubbling up, or running down the street where is probably shouldn’t be, call Ward Water Stand-by number at 501-259-0950 and report it.    

Right now, our tanks are at their proper levels and our supplier, Lonoke White Public Water Authority (LWPWA), has assured us that their system/process is working properly, and they do not anticipate any trouble.  However, as pipes begin to thaw, and this includes our large supply lines, leaks may be discovered either in our system or a sister system that also uses LWPWA water.   

While this may be an inconvenience, we are doing what we can to ensure the water continues to flow without interruption.  (Mayor Gastineau)